Henk Kolk was born in 1948 in the Netherlands. As a child he already was drawn towards engineering and he was able to make recognizable cars out of wood and paper. While attending the Academy of Art he found out that perfection isn’t always seen as great art. He finds that art should be tangible and understandable. He admires car designers of which many got world fame. He knows like no else that technical innovation is carried by fantasy.

Henk is a passionate man and owned a metal foundry for over 25 years. In this period he got recognized internationally as an Automotive Sculptor. Besides that he made design- and use objects, antique and sportcars out of tin.

His work was sold worldwide and can be found in private collections from all over the world: Europe, Australia and the USA. He made a collection of Jaguars for Jaguar England. Other clients during this time were: Shell, Fokker, Philips, the Dutch government, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands and the Gasunie.

After working as a teacher for over 10 years, he is back doing what he loves most: making Automotive sculptures.

Henk Kolk is a Dutch classic car sculpture artist, currently living in Germany. Henk currently focusses on sculptures of classic cars made out of fine metal. All models are produced in a limited number and only sold online through this website. Feel free to contact Henk for any questions.

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