Jaguar XK120 lightweight (1948)

About this car

The Jaguar XK120 began as a design exercise for the first postwar London Motor Show in 1948. But once the public saw this car, and loved it, Jaguar quickly decided to turn this into a production car.

The "120" in the name XK120 refers to the top speed of 120 mph (193 km/h), making this the fastest production in its time.

Orginally this car was never meant for mass production but in a limited edition of 200. But the demand for the XK120 rose and this forced Jaguar to replace the expensive and time consuming aluminum body with a steel body. This body did make the car 54 kg heavier, but it also enabled Jaguar to produce over 12.000 XK 120 after 1950.

About this sculpture

This hand cast sculpture is made of finest metal and is placed on a wooden base.

This sculpture was created in 1998 in a limited edition serie of 45 castings which is sold out.


- Weigth: XX kg

- Length: XX cm

- Height: XX cm

- Width: XX cm

- Quantity: 45 castings, signed and numbered

- Year manufactured: 1998

- Status: sold out

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