MG TD (1949)

About this car

MG lovers didn’t like this model at first, but later it became the most popular of the MG series. It stole the heart of many MG enthusiast.

About this sculpture

The diorama shows two passengers who have lost their way. Unfolding a road map in such a car is not easy. Fortunately there is a street lamp nearby. The dustbins will be emptied the next day; in one of them is an old shoe.

If you look over the shoulder of the MG driver you will see that he is studying the map of The Netherlands. His finger points at their destination, Buurse a small village near the German border. That is the place where this diorama was made.

This hand cast sculpture is made of the finest metal and is placed on a wooden base of naturally dried beech wood.

This sculpture was produced in 1997 in a limited edition serie of 45 castings which is sold out.


- Weigth: 1,2 kg
- Length: 22,5 cm
- Height: 14 cm
- Width: 17 cm

- Status: sold out

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